Q.   How do I turn up the media volume on my phone?
A.   For iPhone go to settings - music - volume limit - Set to max volume.
      For Android go to settings - volumes - set music/games/media volume to max.

Q.   Display screen goes off during treatment.
A.   For iPhone, go to settings - general - Auto-Lock - select 3 minutes.
      For Android, go to settings - display - sleep - select 3 minutes.

Q.   I am not sure my headphones are working. I don't hear anything when I place the headphone bud in my ear to test it.
A.   First make sure your media volume is set to full intensity (see first question above)
      For a test scroll down the health conditions screen to Custom Treatment Frequencies - select 10 Hz.
      Place the headphone bud near the ear canal as if listening to music. You should hear the 10 HZ signal as a low volume         
      "beat". Next select 40Hz and listen. This signal should be moderately loud.
      -  If you can't hear either signal, you need new headphones.
      -  If you can't hear the 10 Hz signal, but can hear the 40 Hz signal, your headphones are not capable of producing low frequency sound waves and            we recommend purchasing Skull Candy, Body Glove,JVC,iFrogz or iPod headphone buds.
         Note : Human hearing does not go below 20 - 40 Hz so many manufacturers do not make headphones that reproduce those ultra-low frequency                        signals.

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